Staging Comics in Serial Film, 1936-2008: Presentation at the 22nd SERCIA Conference in Paris, September 8-10, 2016

Coming September, Ilka Brasch and I will be co-presenting a joint paper titled “Opening Gambits: Staging Comics & Television in Serial Film, 1936-2008” at the 22nd annual conference of SERCIA, the french association for the study of Anglophone cinema, in Paris, France (you can find the CfP here). Our paper, which will be part of a conference on “Cinema & Seriality,” will focus on a discussion of the medially self-reflexive opening scenes of a number of serials and films that adapt characters and properties originally introduced in comics, and discuss examples from 1930s film serials up to superhero blockbusters from the 2000s. Instead of merely posting our abstract as announcement here, I thought I'll leave a clip and a few lines from my working draft (along with the abstract, which is included below, and can also be found here) as a teaser for things to come. Comments & suggestions on this early stage work are very much welcome!


Interview with Radio Ö1

Earlier this week, Austrian public radio station Österreich 1 aired an episode of their daily culture magazine Kulturjournal which focused on trends in contemporary American television series -- and it featured an interview with me, recorded last Thursday by the segment's producer Benno Feichter. It's my first time on the radio, and I am quite happy with the result;... weiterlesen →

Getting started

Welcome to Pointless Exercise, a collaborative blog by Ilka Brasch, Felix Brinker, and Svenja Fehlhaber, three doctoral candidates in the discipline of North American Studies. It collects fragments from our research on 20th and 21st century American culture, media, and aspects of modernization – abstracts, conference papers, leftover arguments, bits and pieces on American film, literature, and... weiterlesen →

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