Watching the White House Korea Trailer

I'm a scholar in American Studies who's worked on film and now thinks about democracy: obviously, Trump's Korea trailer is pure gold for me. So here are my two cents on the issue - some thoughts and ideas that try to unearth why watching this future piece of political history's curiosity shop is such an... weiterlesen →


Is It Possible Not To Practice Digital Humanities?

So that's a question that hit me today - the quasi-Shakespearian to be or not to be of 21st-century humanities scholarship. To be upfront: I'm not a Digital Humanities scholar, though I'd like to be able to call myself one at some future point in time. Until then, here's my two cents: Right now, my... weiterlesen →

Clinton, Trump, and Post-1968 Pragmatism

In the past few days, I've been reading Hillary Clinton's What Happened, while following, as everyone else, the craziness surrounding the publication of Michael Wolff's anti-Trump book. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about the 1960s (because I'm currently teaching a class on US literature of the decade) and I've been secretly commemorating this year's 50th anniversary of... weiterlesen →

Postscript on the Gilmore Girls

For a while now, I've wanted to share some of my thoughts on the netflix revival of Gilmore Girls. By now it appears almost too late to post them - which probably says a lot more about our perception of time in 2017 than about the show. I am a first-generation Gilmore-addict, so please excuse if... weiterlesen →

Ending Seriality. Continuing Serially.

The last couple of days, I’ve been sharing the final moments of the popular seriality research unit with some wonderful people in Berlin. Academically, I grew up in that group. When I studied in Hannover University's MA program, the seriality group was based in Göttingen – close enough to encounter and learn from much of... weiterlesen →

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