Call for Papers: „Alliances: Un/Common Causes and the Politics of Participation,“ Free University Berlin

Here's a call for papers for the upcoming 8th annual graduate conference at the Free University's Kennedy Institute, May 7-9, 2015. As usual, the conference is organized by the most recent cohort of doctoral candiates at the Kennedy Institute's Graduate School of North American Studies (GSNAS). Last May, I was part of the comittee that organized... weiterlesen →


„On This Side of the Virtual“ – Handwriting in Hollywood

I’ll kick off my contributions to this blog with some remarks on handwriting in Hollywood films of the arguably ‘classical’ phase. My illustration of this – somewhat marginal – topic results from a presentation I gave at a conference in Tübingen (Germany) in October 2012, which has just now been published as part of the... weiterlesen →

Getting started

Welcome to Pointless Exercise, a collaborative blog by Ilka Brasch, Felix Brinker, and Svenja Fehlhaber, three doctoral candidates in the discipline of North American Studies. It collects fragments from our research on 20th and 21st century American culture, media, and aspects of modernization – abstracts, conference papers, leftover arguments, bits and pieces on American film, literature, and... weiterlesen →

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