Watching the White House Korea Trailer

I'm a scholar in American Studies who's worked on film and now thinks about democracy: obviously, Trump's Korea trailer is pure gold for me. So here are my two cents on the issue - some thoughts and ideas that try to unearth why watching this future piece of political history's curiosity shop is such an... Weiterlesen →


Is It Possible Not To Practice Digital Humanities?

So that's a question that hit me today - the quasi-Shakespearian to be or not to be of 21st-century humanities scholarship. To be upfront: I'm not a Digital Humanities scholar, though I'd like to be able to call myself one at some future point in time. Until then, here's my two cents: Right now, my... Weiterlesen →

Clinton, Trump, and Post-1968 Pragmatism

In the past few days, I've been reading Hillary Clinton's What Happened, while following, as everyone else, the craziness surrounding the publication of Michael Wolff's anti-Trump book. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about the 1960s (because I'm currently teaching a class on US literature of the decade) and I've been secretly commemorating this year's 50th anniversary of... Weiterlesen →

Postscript on the Gilmore Girls

For a while now, I've wanted to share some of my thoughts on the netflix revival of Gilmore Girls. By now it appears almost too late to post them - which probably says a lot more about our perception of time in 2017 than about the show. I am a first-generation Gilmore-addict, so please excuse if... Weiterlesen →

Ending Seriality. Continuing Serially.

The last couple of days, I’ve been sharing the final moments of the popular seriality research unit with some wonderful people in Berlin. Academically, I grew up in that group. When I studied in Hannover University's MA program, the seriality group was based in Göttingen – close enough to encounter and learn from much of... Weiterlesen →

Staging Comics in Serial Film, 1936-2008: Presentation at the 22nd SERCIA Conference in Paris, September 8-10, 2016

Coming September, Ilka Brasch and I will be co-presenting a joint paper titled “Opening Gambits: Staging Comics & Television in Serial Film, 1936-2008” at the 22nd annual conference of SERCIA, the french association for the study of Anglophone cinema, in Paris, France (you can find the CfP here). Our paper, which will be part of a conference on “Cinema & Seriality,” will focus on a discussion of the medially self-reflexive opening scenes of a number of serials and films that adapt characters and properties originally introduced in comics, and discuss examples from 1930s film serials up to superhero blockbusters from the 2000s. Instead of merely posting our abstract as announcement here, I thought I'll leave a clip and a few lines from my working draft (along with the abstract, which is included below, and can also be found here) as a teaser for things to come. Comments & suggestions on this early stage work are very much welcome!

Conference Report „Managing Mass Culture: Serialization, Standardization and Modernity, 1880-1940“

I am happy to anounce that the report I wrote on the conference proceedings of "Managing Mass Culture: Serialization, Standardization and Modernity, 1880-1940" (Hanover April 23-25, 2015) has now been published by H-Soz-Kult. To read the report, follow this link [conference report on H-Soz-Kult] or see below and, most importantly: enjoy! Managing Mass Culture: Serialization,... Weiterlesen →

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